2022 Minutes

Bridge Studio of San Miguel
Board of Directors Meeting
Draft Minutes: January 10 , 2022

The board meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm.
Present: Lynn Chambers, Faye Guidry, Keith Gunn, Del McDaniel, Mary Seggerman, and Wendy Valentine

Financial Report

Keith reported that the Bridge Studio is solvent with the combination of F2F and Virtual Games. We’re meeting our rent. We had nine tables at last week’s Thursday game. Keith reported that there were three directors for the online games. Only Keith volunteers his time; the other two are paid directors. Even so, we make money on the Virtual Games.


Status of Arcada Lease

Del reported that we have a copy of the new lease. The hotel has agreed to allow players who can’t find a spot in the front to use the underground parking. Del will ask the hotel to open the garage before the game.

Status of Sectional

The board agreed to cancel the Sectional due to Omicron. The following action steps to effect the
cancellation include:
• Faye will contact Scott Humphrey at ACBL, as well as Liz Jacobsen (Partnership) and Helen Rose
(Sectional Chair);
• Wendy will contact Barbe Poole at Casa de la Noche to cancel Michael Farebrother’s room
• Mary will contact Michael Farebrother, the ACBL Director;
• Del will contact the hotel; and
• Keith will change the Bridge Studio/Unit website.


Mini lectures on Friday at 12:30 pm. Wendy will invite Alan Greene to give the first lecture from the list of
topics. Perhaps ask Alan to do it every Friday, and he can either do the lecture or find someone else to do it.

Review of ACBL Policies & Procedures Manual

Del submitted a comment to the ACBL.


Margarita, president of the Mexico City Unit 173, joined the meeting to discuss coordination relating to the March 2022 Regional. The Bridge Studio has agreed to loan its 20 tables and 25 Bridge Mates to the
Regional. We have identified a person who can transport the tables to La Casona for a fee, but the loan of the tables is free. The Mexico City Unit will reimburse the Bridge Studio for transportation of the tables.
In mid-February the Bridge Studio will poll its players and check with the Bordello game as to how many
players to anticipate. The next board meeting is scheduled for February 7, and Margarita and her colleagues will join the call at the end of the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 am.