Bordello Bridge

Bordello Bridge, and earlier iterations, has been in existence since 2006. We have ACBL-certified volunteer directors, and largely donated space, so ALL proceeds from these games have gone to support nonprofits in San Miguel de Allende—primarily those that support children’s needs. For the past five years or so, we have played in the gardens at Barbara Poole’s wonderful bed and breakfast, Casa de la Noche, and all proceeds have been used for scholarships for very bright and economically- challenged Mexican children. We currently donate to Jovenes Adelante, A.C., which provides college scholarships, tutoring, computers, counseling, and mentors for grantee students. Once we meet our Jovenes Adelante goals, we love to provide funding to Mujeres en Cambio, A.C., to help keep girls from the surrounding countryside in junior high and high school. Many Mexican families can’t afford even a minimal amount to send their kids to school, and the Mujeres en Cambio program helps hundreds of girls continue their educations every year. We are proud to help these great organizations assist wonderful kids to change the trajectories of their lives.

Bordello Br 001We call Bordello Bridge a relaxed game, and in the sense we usually play 21 to 24 hands, it is. We stress civil play and enjoyment of each other as we play our favorite game together. Bordello Bridge is ACBL sanctioned, uses Bridgemate scoring machines, posts hand records on the ACBL Club Results page, and participates in many ACBL special events. Weather permitting, we play in a beautiful garden with birds singing and a gentle fountain providing lovely background. We have a courtyard with overhead screening, so we can play outdoors even when it is raining. In cold weather, we play in the art gallery or the equally beautiful event center at Casa de la Noche. It’s easy to be “relaxed” in this beautiful setting! The atmosphere is wonderful. We strive to make it comfortable for players of all levels, so people new to duplicate bridge feel as welcome as do our more seasoned players.

We currently offer two weekly games. The requested minimum donation is 100 pesos.

On Thursday mornings, we meet at 10ish to share coffee and snacks, register, and chat. We start an open, stratified game at 10:30 a.m. Depending on the time of year, this game can have from four to seventeen tables.

On Tuesday afternoons, we gather 12:30ish to get ready to play our 1 p.m. game which currently features play and learn for those who want it—and everybody wants it! Jeanne Cole and Rob Rich, two of our very best players and bridge teachers in San Miguel, are providing insightful evaluation of each hand after we’ve played it. Jeannie and Rob, very generously, do not take compensation for this game, and most players donate generously because it’s such a great opportunity; so kids profit as much as our players do! It’s a great forum for playing and learning…and for sharing with the community.

We hope you will join us!

Barbe Poole and Phyllis Culp

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