Bridge Studio Location

The Bridge Studio has moved several times in the past two years. Here is a map to the current one:

Games of the Bridge Studio are played at the Hotel Arcada shown in red in this map. The main street running through the map is called “Calzada de l’Estacion” and the road in yellow is the peripheral highway, MX111. In this map it’s the street under the word “CONSTRULANDIA.” Any cab driver can take you to the Hotel Arcada (especially if you remind them that it is on Calzada de l’Estacion.

If you are fit you can also walk there. From El Jardin, the square in front of the Parroquia (and the central square of the city), walk 1.5 miles downhill on Canal Street — look for street signs — the street immediately abutting the church (and it is labeled). Canal Street becomes Calzada de l’Estacion part-way through the walk.

Upon reaching the Hotel, enter via the front door, walk past the reception to the next room, and look for the stairway up one flight to the game room. Game time is 1:15 P.M.