Extensions to online bridge in San Miguel

2021 News

As we’re all aware, face-to-face bridge depends on when the calendar of live play can safely be resumed. Bridge Clubs the world over have gone into virtual mode. SMA’s contribution is managed by Phyllis Culp on behalf of Bordello Bridge, a popular club game in the Centro region of San Miguel. The game is enthusiastically endorsed by The Bridge Studio of San Miguel and also by Unit 254.

The starting times for virtual games managed by Phyllis are 10:30 a.m. Central Time on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Interest is being expressed in adding a Monday session. Please contact Phyllis at phylculp@mac.com if you would like to be contacted to play on Mondays. All the games are $4 US for 20 boards, and the club name is Vacb262436 SMA Game Open. 

To find the game online:

Play is mediated by http://www.bridgebase.com. So use your web browser to go to that web site.  Login or register (BBO registration is free). That will bring you to a screen on which Virtual Clubs is an option. Select it and click on ACBL – North America on the successor screen. If you have gotten in touch with Phyllis, she will have set you up and vacb262436 will appear as one of your options. Click on that and away you go!