June 19 Board Meeting Minutes

Unit 254–  Board Meeting Minutes
June 19, 2017

Mary Seggerman
Patricia Herrera
Syndi McDougall
Sherry McHarg
Victor Bremson

Douglas Christoffersen
Jean Yolish

Sherry called the meeting to order explaining the absence of Jean and Doug.   She asked for approval of the last minutes which was done so unanimously.


Unit 254 was created with the high purpose to benefit the members and clubs living primarily in the San Miguel area.  People from other cities have indicated interested in participating. The report from the ACBL indicates that Unit 254 currently has 106 members.

There are three units in Mexico and two regional allocations.  The three units are Mexico City 173, San Miguel 254 and Ajijic.  Mexico City and Ajijic have been allocated the two Regional’s historically and Mexico City has the commitment for 2018.  I believe the Ajijic has the other allocation and it is done in PV in November.   We are part of District 16.  It is not certain that another Regional will be allocated to Mexico.

We have been authorized to have our own sectional during the end of January 2018.

We have been instructed to negotiate with Unit 173 to receive a percentage of the profits from the 2018 Regional.  The range of our profit sharing is negotiable but in the range of     25-40%.  Somewhat based on services provided.  It was 25000 pesos in 2017.  That money was received by Unit 254 and 19600 pesos are currently in a SMA Bank controlled by Sherry and Doug.  This was reported by Sherry in Doug’s absence.

There are no assurances that District 16 will ever allow San Miguel to have its own allocation of a regional.   We have been instructed to try and work out an arrangement with 173.   There is a lack of transparency in the financial results from prior Regionals by 173.


  1. The need to work closely with the SMA Clubs so that we can make these decisions for the long term in a workable manner including the distribution of profits from the 2017 Regional.
  2. The need to determine the feasibility of running a sectional in January despite the possibility of a small financial loss.
  3. The need to gather data about prior Regionals from 173 and to strive to create open transparency about the results as a prelude to negotiations with them.


  1. Mary was tasked to begin meetings with the San Miguel Club Representatives to find common ground about the issues facing the unit.  This included the disposition of funds from 2017 Regional and creating a consensus about plans for a Sectional in January 2018.  Mary has done some financial analysis and has projected a loss of under $2000 US if we go forward with the Sectional.  Other members of the board said there are possibilities of other revenue sources that need to be examined.  It was important to emphasize the need to speak with one voice on these issues.
  2. Patricia and Sherry have volunteered to petition Unit 173 for full financial history from prior Regionals.  They were both members of that Unit.
  3. Mary was tasked with beginning a negotiation with Guillermo or whoever is designated from that Unit to negotiate with.
  4. A paper trail will be maintained regarding all of our dealings with Unit 173 for the purpose of explaining our position to the District and ACBL if necessary.
  5. It was the consensus of the Unit Board that a good working relationship be established with the local participating clubs.


  1. Ed Seggerman will manage the Unit’s website; Patricia Herrera will manage the Unit’s Facebook page which she has already set up.
  2. Patricia Herrera has offered to provide training for better/more up to date communication tools, so that we can meet more frequently on specific subjects and committees. She will send out more information on this in the coming days.
  3. Syndi has volunteered to be the Tournament  Unit I/N Coordinator which means Intermediate/Novice.   She will meet with beginners in clubs and promote reasons for I/N players to come to tournaments.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Victor Bremson

June 19, 2017